A free tool built for routines


Today I’m excited to launch StepList, a tool for routines. StepList helps you create, perform, schedule, delegate, and share routines.

I built StepList because I’m a big fan of checklists and there isn’t a great tool for managing them.

In 2014, on a cross-country flight, I devoured Atul Gawande’s The Checklist Manifesto. Checklists, he proposes, are a tool for countering a world that is an increasingly complex array of meshed layers. Inspired, I started applying checklists to my life and found they helped me greatly. Routines that mattered got a checklist. Little mistakes, which would have rendered my efforts moot, were all but eliminated. When they occurred, a checklist was updated.

As my library of checklists grew, I became frustrated by the lack of tools to manage them. There are countless to-do list apps, but few handle repeatable routines well. At the other end of the spectrum are project management tools, which are complicated and difficult to set up (setting up these tools often requires checklists).

What I wanted sat in the Goldilocks Zone, somewhere between Todoist and Jira.

So I built what would become StepList. It’s fast, focused, and easy.

With StepList you can:

  • Create: Create, edit, and share checklists.
  • Perform: Quickly and easily perform a checklist.$$
  • Schedule: Schedule checklists to be performed at specific times.
  • Invite: Invite others to perform a checklist by a specific date.

StepList features a unified interface that works quickly on both desktop and mobile. It’s designed to be fast, especially when performing lists. StepList has also become a place where I test out new UX patterns and ideas, like using AI to pre-populate a list’s icon or its initial steps.

StepList is free to use, with a $5/month premium plan for unlimited scheduled, delegated, and private lists.

For routines that matter, use StepList. Get it right, every time.